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It’s quite amazing that in just about any situation on the road, car accidents, truck accidents, and other auto/motor accidents can occur. For those involved in a motor-related injury, it is not uncommon to suffer not only a physical injury, but also emotional and psychological pain.

Since there are strict time limits set by NSW law, if you or some one you love has suffered an injury or been involved in an auto incident and want to know whether it is possible to claim compensation, it is important that you speak with a car injury lawyer as soon as possible. Just because you were involved in a road or motor vehicle incident, doesn’t necessarily mean you are entitled to anything. A free consultation with a specialist car injury lawyer will help determine how you should proceed.

NSW Compensation Lawyers provide their clients with the highest quality advice in an environment where clients receive the personal attention they deserve. We tirelessly fight for clients’ rights with dedication and commitment to maximise their entitlements. Our Lawyers pride themselves on the quality of service provided as well as the outstanding results. We are implacable in the pursuit of our clients’ rights. Therefore, call us 24/7 if you need help: at 02 9601 0088. We are there for you.

Anyone who has sustained an auto-related injury should seek out a motor vehicle lawyer for advice as soon as possible. This includes passengers in the vehicles involved, as well as the drivers. Road traffic incidents can result in such personal injury ranging from minor cuts, bruises and whiplash to serious lesions, knee/muscle injury, brain injury, spinal injury, and even death. Unfortunately some auto injuries may not even show up until weeks later or become a chronic condition that makes working impossible. If a person has not filed a claim within a certain time frame, it could be too late to make a claim. There are strict time limits set by the law. Our car/auto lawyers urge people who have been involved in a serious motor vehicle incident to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. If a person is too injured to speak with a lawyer have a family member call instead to find out about ones rights.

Motor Vehicle Accident claims often involve such situations as:

  • truck incidents
  • car crashes and collisions
  • car incidents
  • bike and cycling incidents
  • pedestrian incidents
  • motorcycle incidents
  • injuries to passengers

“No Win No Fee” Policy

Many people associate hiring a lawyer with spending a lot of money. At NSW Compensation Lawyers there are no upfront costs or charges. We have a “No Win No Fee” policy that reduces a client’s financial burden as his or her claim is pursued. However, in the event that the action fails in court, you may be liable to an adverse costs order.

Our lawyers will gladly explain in non-legal jargon the entire process involved in your motor vehicle (auto) incident case.

A confidential, free consultation with an auto accident lawyer car or motor vehicle specialist who can assess your situation will determine whether or not you should seek a motor accident claim. Unfortunately thousands of Australian’s, who are injured in car accidents every year, never realise that they were entitled to make an auto injury claim. If you were “not at fault” or not entirely at fault for causing the car accident, a lawyer would most likely advise you to proceed. To receive compensation for personal injury in a car accident claim, your lawyer must show that someone else was negligent and therefore to blame for the car accident. In those situations where both drivers are partly to blame for causing an incident, liability is often apportioned on a percentage basis by the judge between the two parties. This is known as “contributory negligence”.

Compensation Amounts Upon Winning Your Case

The actual value of pain and suffering in a motor vehicle claim case depends on a number of factors including the severity of the injury, the length of time it will take for the person to recover, and whether or not there are or will be any long-term effects. Other car accident compensation your lawyer may seek could include:

Future Losses: This amount is an estimate of losses that are likely to continue for the foreseeable future due to your inability to work and other devastating life-changing effects etc. The court calculates the monetary amount.
General Damages: This is usually damages for pain and suffering caused as a result of the auto injury. This amount is an educated assessment by the court, since it can’t be precisely quantified.
Special Damages: This amount is calculated specifically to loses that include loss of earnings, traveling expenses, the cost of medical treatment as well as rehabilitation if necessary, personal property, among others. Some compensation amounts will also include interest that accrues from the time of the incident.

Car (or generally auto) accidents are traumatising to all involved possibly resulting in long-term mental and physical suffering. Not only do they have devastating life-changing effects for the person injured, but also their families. NSW Compensation Lawyers provide the highest quality advice where all our clients receive the personal attention they should expect and deserve. When we accept a case, our lawyers will tenaciously fight for our client’s rights with dedication and commitment.

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