Aircraft Injury Compensation Claims

Travelling domestically or internationally by air is something many people undertake each year, whether it’s for business or pleasure. With high volumes of people travelling, incidents and accidents can occur and it is not uncommon to be injured while travelling by aircraft.

When we think or aircraft accidents and incidents, we often only think of plane crashes but these are not the only injuries that can occur through travel. You can become injured while travelling through no fault of your own. If you have sustained injuries while on your travels due to the negligence of the airline or airport operators or staff, you could be entitled to compensation for any personal injury suffered.

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These injuries are not restricted to when you are on the aircraft, as they can also occur when boarding or disembarking from the plane, while in the airport terminal or concourse and even when navigating through tunnels and airbridges. Injuries can even occur while travelling between terminals or in transit to or from the tarmac. Some of the most common causes of aircraft incidents include:

  • Items falling from overhead lockers, mostly resulting in head injuries
  • Injury from defective or damaged seats
  • Burns caused by spilt hot drinks
  • Injuries caused by food or drinks trolleys
  • Trip and fall injuries on stairs, air bridges and tunnels
  • Injuries caused by defective fittings
  • Turbulence-related injuries

How can aircraft injury lawyers help me?

While many of these aircraft injuries can commonly occur, claiming compensation for your injuries can be a complicated and difficult process. Considering the international nature of a lot of aircraft travel, you may have to claim compensation from overseas-based companies. It is essential that you speak to a compensation lawyer to help you navigate this difficult system and to find whose negligence is ultimately responsible for your injury. If you become injured due to an accident on an aircraft or at the airport, it is essential that you report the injury, take photos if possible and collect the evidence to support your claim as soon as possible.

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At NSW Compensation Lawyers, our experts in compensation law can help you to navigate the complexities of the aircraft injury compensation claims process. Our expertise and guidance will help you to collect the right evidence and find whose negligence is responsible for your injury, so that you can receive the maximum compensation that you deserve.

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