Premises Accidents on Public or Private Property

Accidents can occur at any time and any place on public or private premises. Owners of these premises have a responsibility to keep their property safe and secure to avoid possible injury from occurring. Accidents such as a slip and fall or being hit by falling debris, can happen to anyone without warning.

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Where can premises accidents occur?

Premises accidents that occur on public or private property, can sometimes result in injury. Some of the most common places where premises accidents can occur, are:

  • Shopping centres
  • Supermarkets
  • Office buildings
  • Government buildings
  • Construction sites
  • Private homes

Incidents occurring at these places can be due to poorly maintained buildings or hazards present. Supermarkets and shopping centres can be especially hazardous due to the high volume of people that visit these premises every day. If you become injured, you may be entitled to compensation for any suffering caused by the injury. You should always report the accident to the manager or owner of the premises, and take photos of the area where the incident occured if possible.

What can cause a premises accident?

While owners of public or private premises have a responsibility to ensure their property is safe for members of the public, accidents can occur when properties are not properly maintained, or when there are hazards present.
Commonly occuring premises accidents can be due to:

  • Tripping over items left on the floor
  • Slipping on spillages or food, such as grapes
  • Being hit by items falling from shelves
  • Debris falling from poorly maintained buildings
  • Hazards in the workplace, including office buildings and warehouses
  • Dangers present at construction accidents, including falling debris and tripping hazards

How can premises accidents lawyers help me?

When you are on a public or private premises and you become injured due to the negligence of the property’s owner, you could be entitled to compensation for any suffering caused by injury, mental anguish or financial loss. It is essential that you speak to a premises accident lawyer as soon as possible so they can determine whether you have a case for compensation.

How do I find premises accidents lawyers?

If you need help from slip and fall lawyers in NSW to help you to lodge a compensation claim and navigate through this difficult system, speak to our expert premises accidents lawyers so you can get the compensation you deserve for your suffering.

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