Our No Win – No Fee Compensation Lawyers feels that all Australian’s have the right to some type of legal representation. We make it easy for everyone who has a compensation claim to get legal advice and legal representation, even if they are unable to afford it.

This is our No Win No Fee innovative policy and we are proud to say that we have helped 1000’s of Australian’s with their compensation claims; workers, car, vehicle, boat, motor cycle, factory, personal injury & psychological claims.

What is a No Win – No Fee?

It’s really simple and designed to help people who may not have the financial means to access a lawyer for their compensation claim. This means if you do not win the compensation case then you will not have to pay for any legal fees (our lawyers will discuss this with you in detail when you meet them in your first free consultation).

What type of compensation claims are covered under our No Win No Fee policy?

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Workplace Injuries
  • Public Liability
  • Medical Negligence
  • Personal Injury
  • Factory Accidents
  • Psychological Injuries sustained at work
  • Motor Bike Accidents
  • Public & Product Liability Claims

There are however, some cases that do not fall under our No Win – No Fee policy. These include some complex medical law claims where you might have to contribute to some of the upfront costs for the initial investigative reports. Our lawyers will discuss this with you and go over all up front fees and costs associated with this before we do anything.

Not all cases can be run on a No Win – No Fee basis

Our No Win – No Fee is basis on a case by case arrangement. We will assess all claims and then decide if we are able to work with you on this arrangement.

Before we offer you a No Win – No Fee arrangement we must be satisfied that:

  • Your compensation claim has merit and is legitimate
  • You are made aware of any costs to prepare & manage your case
  • You are aware of the risks involved in loosing the case and you may have to pay the legal fees of the other party.

Advantages of a No Win – No Fee Policy

The major advantage of working with our No Win – No Fee policy is that you get access to the judicial system irrespective of your financial situation. We all know that hiring a lawyer to act on your behalf can be very expensive which can put many people off trying to get the compensation they deserve after sustaining an injury or accident. In many cases, the costs would be too prohibitive and most people would simply walk away without getting the financial compensation they rightfully deserve.

A No Win – No Fee arrangement eliminates this entirely – you don’t have to pay any legal fees whatsoever upfront. They are only paid once you win the claim, which is a great solution for people without the financial means to engage a compensation lawyer.