What to tell your lawyer when making a motor vehicle personal injury claim

If you are looking to make a claim for compensation for personal injury after a motor vehicle accident, then you will need to have information at hand to back up your claim.

Given the complexities involved in making a personal injury compensation claim, we strongly advise that you speak to a lawyer as soon as possible to get the right advice about what to do.

Your lawyer will be able to help you to fill out the form to ensure you include all the critical information you’ll need for a successful claim.

Here are some of the details that you should have at the ready for your lawyer:

  • What are your personal details? Provide your driver’s licence and Medicare numbers and private health insurance if you have it
  • When and where did the accident occur? Provide the date, time and place of the accident.
  • Who were involved? Provide the names and addresses of the drivers and passengers in the accident as well as any witnesses who saw what happened
  • What cars were involved? Provide the details of each car’s number plate, model, make and year
  • Were the police notified? Provide details of the police station to which the accident was reported and the event number assigned to the incident
  • Did anyone get charged by the police as a result of the accident? Give details of any police action against people involved in the incident
  • What medical treatment have you needed? Give details of hospital visits and doctor consultations
  • How much have you already spent on medical services? Provide copies for medical bills including for hospital, ambulance, doctors, chemists and other bills.
  • Have you lost income as a result of the accident? Provide details of lost income including lost wages
  • Have you been involved in other accidents? Provide details of any other accidents you’ve been involved in
  • Have you already received any compensation payments? Provide details of any compensation you may have already received because of the accident from workers compensation, social security or disability payments.

At NSW Compensation Lawyers we ensure that your first meeting is stress-free by providing a professional and confidential environment.

In order to best understand your case there are a few other ways you can prepare for our initial meeting apart from gathering all the relevant information. This includes:

  • Putting together your list of questions for NSW Compensation Lawyers.
  • Listing your objectives and expectations of NSW Compensation Lawyers.
  • Listing the tasks you would like NSW Compensation Lawyers to attend to.



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