What does “No Win No Fee” Actually Mean? Read this

It’s really quite simple. It means that if you do not win your case you do not have to pay a fee. Put simply, No Win No Fee is exactly what it states. Your lawyer will handle your case free of charge and you only pay the lawyer once you win. This is fantastic news for many people who might not have the funds to proceed with a compensation, work or car accident claim because they are cash strapped and could not afford to pay the legal costs of a lawyer upfront. Now everyone who has a legitimate claim can get credible, professional legal help without the fear of taking loans or being out of pocket up front.

You don’t have to pay any legal costs or disbursement fees upfront as these will be paid once you win and settle your case or compensation claim.

The team at NSW Compensation Lawyers want to however be very clear and upfront about one facet of the “No Win No Fee” policy and that is: you will have to pay for the lawyers fees out of the money you receive from the claim once you win the claim / compensation.

Our lawyers at NSW Compensation Lawyers are very upfront and totally transparent about all their fees and costs and will tell you about this before they take on your claim.

The fee you have to pay our lawyers (once your claim has settled) will be determined by our initial Costs Agreement in our first meeting with you.

You must be aware that these costs and fees can vary depending on the nature of the claim / case and the extent of work involved. Not all compensation claims are the same and this will be reflected in the fees and disbursements that are eventually charged.

Most Sydney Compensation Lawyers will charge you for any out of pocket expenses that are associated with your claim. These may include: court filing fees, travel, medical & expert reports and any accommodation. When it comes to larger complex cases these fees can add up but our lawyers will let you know about these fees and their impact on your final settlement claim.

Would my case qualify for a No Win No Fee?

As stated previously there are many types of compensation claims. These include: workers compensation, motor vehicle accident claims, public liability claims, motor bike accident claims, factory accident claims, medical negligence claims.

The list is actually quite large but having said that our lawyers will let you know if you have a good chance of winning your case and are therefore entitled to our No Win No Fee policy.

Simply put, if you have a strong case and there’s a good chance of you winning or settling your compensation claim, then the likelihood of you being entitled to a No Win No Fee is strong.

Alternatively, if your lawyer (after speaking with you) feels through his experience that you do not have a strong case then you will not be entitled to a No Win No Fee basis.

This may seem harsh & unfair to some people (who feel as though they may be entitled to some form of payout) but the reality is that if the likelihood of you receiving any money at the end of the claim is slim then there is really no incentive for the lawyer to take on the case.

Your probably wondering if you have a strong case and are entitled to our No Win No Fee policy…..our lawyers will be able to determine this very quickly!

If you would like to learn more about our No Win No Fee policy please contact our team of expert lawyers on 02 9601 0088.

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