Top 6 types of work related injuries

Do you feel as though you have been injured in the workplace?

If you have suffered an injury in the workplace you may not know this but you might be entitled to claim workers’ compensation. You would be surprised how many people are unaware of this or simply don’t know what workers compensation means.

What does workers compensation mean?

According to the Fair Work Ombudsman website: “workers compensation is a form of insurance payment to employees if they are injured at work or become sick due to their work.

Workers compensation includes payments to employees to cover their:

– wages while they are not fit for work

– medical expenses & rehabilitation

Employers in each state must take out workers compensation insurance to cover themselves and their employees.

Making a workers compensation claim can often be difficult especially if your unaware of the type of work related injury you may have and if it is covered under workers compensation.

To make things easier we thought we would list the 6 most common types of work related injuries that most people suffer & can be claimed under workers compensation.

Construction site injuries

Simply put, construction sites are dangerous places and if you happen to be working on a construction site the chances of you sustaining a work related injury are high. Statistics show the likelihood of some form of serious injury or death is significantly higher if you work on a construction site.

Even when all the mandatory safety regulations & precautions are put in place on a construction site, accidents like falling from scaffolding, tripping over a bench or slipping on the ground are very common.

These accidents can lead to some serious injuries (especially if your hip, neck, legs, knees or shoulders are injured) that can have you out of work for an extensive period of time with no income.

If this is the case and you have sustained an injury on a construction site then your definitely able to make a workers’ compensation claim.

Lifting injury

What happens if you have injured yourself lifting at work?

Lifting injuries happen to be the most common types of injuries in the Australian workplace. Due to the pain involved with sustaining a workplace lifting injury you may not be able to carry out your job effectively and may need time off to recover and for rehabilitation.

If you have lifted some heavy object at work and feel as though you have sustained a back, knee, neck or shoulder injury, no matter who is at fault you will be able to make a workers’ compensation claim.

Many people might try to work through the pain, which can actually make things worse. If you feel as thought you work has been affected and had some type or work or factory injury because you have lifted an object, then you should speak to a workers compensation lawyer who will be able to advice you on the best course of action.

Office related work injuries

When you talk about a work related injury most people tend to think you are working on a construction site or you’re a tradie and have been injured on the job. But office related work injuries in the corporate and white collar environment are in fact quite common.

These injuries are always in many cases related to repetitive tasks such as typing, lifting, pushing or pulling objects. Many people who have desk related jobs who are performing the same tasks day in day out can suffer these repetitive task injuries. Working through the pain is often more damaging than trying to address the issue when it arises as continued repetitive strain will further damage nerve and muscle tissues compounding the injury.

If you are afraid that you are going to miss out on work and vital income to support your family because of not being able to properly perform you job then you are entitled to make a workers compensation claim.

Fly in fly out work injuries

If you have been injured on the way to or on the way home from your in the fly in fly our sector (FIFO) then you are entitled to make a workers’ compensation claim. The red tape here can be somewhat tricky and involved so it’s best to speak to an expert workers compensation lawyer who will be able to advice you on the best course of action.

It’s important to note that compensation schemes do vary according to the state the claim is made in so it’s vital you talk to a lawyer that understands the bigger picture so you get the best possible outcome for your claim. This is where the team at NSW CL excels. We are NSW based with an intimate knowledge of the NSW workers compensation scheme.

Muscular Injuries

Have you had a muscular injury at work?

Most people may not be aware that if you sustain a muscle injury at work form tripping, falling or straining too hard, you may be entitled to make a workers’ compensation claim.

Just think about all the hidden dangers in the work place just waiting to trip you up. An old chair that suddenly collapses, or poorly stored boxes that fall on you or perhaps a back injury from a faulty chair can all lead to seriously painful injuries that can last for years.

Lower back pain or a neck injury as a result of a slip at work can lead to years of muscle pain and spasms. This in turn can affect your quality of life, inability to sleep due to pain, added stress and the inability to perform your job effectively. One fall or one slip can have some serious ramifications. This is when you need to speak to a workers’ compensation lawyer. They will clearly explain your rights, what you can expect to get, hold your hand throughout the whole process and help you get on the path to rehabilitation and better health.

Psychological trauma at work

Most people associate work injuries as a result of being physical. In fact there are many instances in the workplace where injuries are a direct result of psychological or emotional trauma.

These injuries can and do affect your ability to work effectively which can result in a loss of income. Bullying, sexual harassment or workplace intimidation can cause severe emotional stress and you are entitled to some form of compensation.

If you feel as though you have suffered some type of work related injury; physical, psychological or emotional and are unsure about the next steps please contact the team at NSW CL. We can advice you very quickly on the best course of action and get the best outcome for you.

With exceptional experience in all facets of workers’ compensation and a long history of successful outcomes for our clients, we can help you get the compensation your rightly deserve.

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