Testing times for older drivers – safety skills under scrutiny as the population ages

older driversAs the population grows older, the road safety skills of older driving are increasingly under scrutiny.

Older drivers are over represented in the road statistics – drivers over the age of 65 comprise 14 per cent of the population but account for 23 per cent of fatalities.

In NSW, the older driving licensing system is designed to balance road safety concerns while promoting the continued independence of older drivers.

Testing times: Special requirements for older drivers

The older driving licensing varies ongoing requirements according to age:

  • 70-74 years old: No special requirements for drivers aged between 70 and 74, except for holders of a multi-combination (class MC) licence. Required to pass a practical driving test each year to keep a class MC licence once you reach 70.
  • 75-79 years old: Drivers who reach 75 years old are required to have a medical review every year to keep their licence.
  • 80-84 years old: For car drivers (class C) or bike riders (class R) in this age bracket, a medical review is required to keep your licence. Drivers in this age bracket with a heavy vehicle licence (classes LR, MR, HR or HC) will need to pass a practical driving assessment every year as well as an annual medical review.
  • 85 and older: A medical review every year is required to keep your licence. To keep an unrestricted licence then you will need to pass a practical driving test every second year. Alternatively, drivers in this age bracket may opt for a modified licence which allows you to drive under certain circumstances.

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