Slip in Sydney Shopping Centre Pays over $80,000

A large and very well known shopping centre in Sydney has paid over $80,000 to an elderly women for slipping on a shopping trolley rope. Obviouly this is not a huge amount as the lady was retired and not working but considering her age this was a significant sum.

What seemed like a harmless rope trailing a shopping trolley led to a 78 year old lady tripping over the rope that caused her hip to break. A horrible incident that lead to this lady being unable to walk properly and being unable to lead her useful and productive life for well over 6 months.

Her injuries caused significant pain, discomfort and mental anguish as she was trying to come to terms with the operation that she was about to undergo.

We had our client assessed by one of the top Orthopaedic Surgeons in St Vincent’s Hospital who clearly outlined the level of discomfort and impairment the client was going through and will continue to experience over the immediate future. Obviously, she was not young and this was causing a significant amount of stress to her as she found walking and moving about seriously difficult.

All the reports prepared by our expert lawyers gave us the information we needed to effectively quantify the damages being suffered by our client and enabled us to work out and negotiate significant monetary compensation from the insurance company representing the shopping centre.

Rather then letting this drag out in court and further stress our client we suggested an early negotiation so the matter could be resolved.

What happened next was an informal meeting between us, the client and the insurance companies lawyers who initially tabled a settlement figure. After a few rounds or back and forth and negotiating to a higher settlement figure, a successful outcome was reached where all parties were delighted.

At NSW Compensation Layers we are experts in public liability compensation claims. So if you have been injured in a shopping centre or a public space contact us for a free consultation. When it comes to matters like this time is critical so please do not delay. We are here to help on a No Win No Fee basis.

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