Should cyclists be allowed to ride on footpaths in NSW?

Currently, cyclists over the age of 12 are not allowed to ride on footpaths in NSW, unlike other jurisdictions where the practice is allowed – including Queensland, Tasmania, the ACT and the Northern Territory.

A recent report suggest that local councils in WA are backing a proposal to allow the practice in the West.

Is it also time for NSW to consider allowing cyclists to ride on the footpath?

What does the law say?

Cyclists in NSW are not allowed to ride on a footpath unless:

  • the cyclist is less than 12 years old and under the supervision of an adult, or
  • the cyclist is an adult supervising a child under 12 years old
  • the cyclist is carrying a person under 10 years old as a passenger on the bicycle or towing on a bicycle trailer.

Safety fears stop women riders

A recent study has suggested that the lack of road safety for cyclists is the number one reason why more women don’t ride bikes.

If cyclists were allowed to ride on the footpath would that improve the perception that cycling is unsafe? Would it see less people injured cycling each year?

It certainly would have the added potential to reduce the amount of conflict between cyclists and motorists.

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