Sharing the Road Responsibly with Cyclists

Cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as others on the road. To help you drive safely around cyclists, here are some things to keep in mind.

Keep an eye on your blind spots

Cyclists can come out of nowhere, so make sure to check your blind spots regularly as you drive, particularly if you are driving in an area frequented by cyclists. Expect them to be hard to spot, so be extra careful as you drive.

Be careful overtaking

Try to avoid overtaking a cyclist unless you know you can do so safely. Keep at least a meter away from the cyclist as you pass, as that gives them enough space to react safely.

Don’t tailgate

There is always the temptation to get right up on the cyclist’s tail until they get out of your way, but that increases the risk of accidents significantly. Instead of tailgating, hang back a safe distance until you are certain you can safely pass them.

Check for cyclists when turning

Expect to see cyclists on the roads, and check for them when you are turning.

Be patient

With cyclists, things happen much more slowly than in a motor vehicle. You need to be patient, and give them their right of way. Whether they are turning, changing lanes, or going through an intersection, realise that they’ll take a bit longer, so try not to get impatient.

Check your mirrors before exiting

When you park your vehicle on the main streets, check your mirrors before you get out of your car. There may be a cyclist zooming past, and opening your car door could cause a serious accident. Check your mirrors any time you parallel park, and make sure the roads are clear of cyclists before you open the door.

Be extra careful at night

At night visibility is significantly reduced and cyclists are so much harder to see. Be mindful that cyclists may well be on the road at night, so take extra care while driving.

Be fair to cyclists

Cyclists have the same right to be on the road as any other road user. Remember that cyclists have very little protection if an accident occurs and they can be severely injured or killed by a collision with a motor vehicle. Taking extra care around cyclists on the road is an easy thing to do to keep our roads safe for everyone to use.

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