Bike Groups Raise Fear of Cyclist Accidents on Castlereagh St

A government proposal to create a shared bike path down Castlereagh Street has prompted bike groups to raise safety warnings fearing cyclist accidents.

The Transport NSW proposal is for a dedicated lane for bicycles during peak hour, but it will be a shared zone with trucks and vans at other times. And the existing dedicated bike path on College Street will be removed.

Cyclist groups argue that forcing cyclists to share the lane with heavy traffic is dangerous and puts lives at risk.

Bicycle NSW Communications Director ­Sophie Bartho said that safety has got to be at the forefront of every decision and to consider testing this on our cycling community and the delivery providers is deeply concerning.

“Efficiency also has to be considered and the trips outside peak hour that this concept fails to serve should be measured. We will expect that the very popular College Street Cycleway will remain because it will be essential to the ultimate delivery of consistent access,” Bartho said.

Dedicated Cycle Paths Around the World

Around the world, segregated cycle paths where motor vehicles are excluded are common. They are especially found in some European countries like the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany where cycling is the norm rather than the exception.

Cycling culture is increasingly being adopted in North American cities like Montreal, San Francisco, Toronto and New York City. And in the UK, the government recently pledged to invest in cycling infrastructure.

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