Road safety – Driving Tips to Stay Safe

Safe driving is important for everyone to avoid car accidents and personal injury. Here are some road safety tips to keep yourself and others safe.

Be Courteous on the Road

Common courtesy goes a long way to keeping safe on the road. Keep an eye out for cyclists and pedestrians. Obey the rules of the road, stay calm and avoid conflict. There are enough aggressive drivers on the road already, don’t be one of them!

Don’t speed

Following the speed limit is crucial for road safety. Speeding is the leading cause of car accidents and road fatalities in Australia. Keep your car at the speed limit, no matter how much of a hurry you are in.

Be aware of others

Always keep an eye on the drivers, cyclists and pedestrians around you, not just the road ahead. Be aware of who is in front of you, behind you, on either side of you, passing you, or being passed by you.

Keep your car in good condition

Check your brakes and tyres regularly, and make sure your tyres are inflated with the right air pressure. Be certain your engine and transmission work well, along with your windshield wipers and AC (for de-fogging your windows). A car in good condition is far less likely to cause an accident.

Avoid fatigue

When it comes to road safety, driver fatigue can be as dangerous as drink driving as it slows down reaction time and there is a chance of falling asleep at the wheel. Take a break from driving every two hours to refresh yourself. Take a nap on the side of the road if you need to, but DON’T drive if you’re feeling fatigued.

Wear your seat belt

Your seat belt is there to protect you, and it will reduce your risk of being thrown from your car in case of a collision. Ensure that all your passengers are wearing safety belts. And if there are small children in the car, ensure that their child restraints are correctly fitted.

Avoid distractions

Listening to music may help you to drive calmly, but what happens when it’s time to change the track or skip a song? Even a momentary distraction can cause an accident, so try to avoid anything that would distract you – from eating to caring for a child to applying cosmetics to fiddling with your mobile devices.

Keep a safe distance

Give yourself plenty of space to manoeuvre, and stay well back from the car ahead of you. You need time to react, brake, and stop or swerve in case of an accident or sudden stop, so more space is always better.

Be extra careful in bad weather

Always drive for the conditions on the road. If it’s raining or foggy on the road, slow down to a safe speed. If visibility is reduced too greatly to see past a few metres ahead, for example during heavy rain, pull over until the shower passes.

Don’t drink and drive

Don’t drive if you’ve been drinking or are affected by drugs. Not only is driving under the influence a criminal offence, but it greatly increases the chance of an accident and places your life and the lives others at risk.

With these safe driving tips, you’ll be as safe as you can be on the road.

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