No Need to Speed: Aussie Road Safety Campaigns in 2014

Speeding remains the biggest killer on Australian roads and it is the subject of road safety campaigns in every state. Changing the attitude and behaviour of drivers towards speeding plays a crucial part in reducing the road toll.

Don’t Rush: NSW Road Safety Campaigns

The slogan for the NSW speeding road safety campaign is “Don’t Rush”. The campaign focuses on how speed cameras save lives and the impact on families when they lose loved ones to speed-related crashes.

On average, 160 people die each year in NSW due to speeding and another 4200 people are seriously injured.

According to the NSW government’s speed camera review in 2014, there was a 90 per cent reduction in deaths and a 40 per cent reduction in injuries wherever speed cameras were located.

Wipe off 5: Road Safety Campaigns Victoria

The Victorian government’s “Wipe Off 5” road safety campaign targets the issue of low-level speeding and highlights the fact that even a small reduction in speed can make the difference between avoiding a crash and a fatality.

Research from the University of Adelaide has shown that drivers travelling just 5km/h above the 60km/h speed limit double their chances of being involved in a crash.

No Time for Speeding: Road Safety Campaigns Queensland

Queensland’s approach in the “No time for speeding” road safety campaign in 2014 also targets low level speeding and provides evidence on how travelling just 7 km/h can mean the difference between life and death.

In Queensland, speeding is a factor in more than 20 per cent of road deaths each year.

No Need to Speed: A Similar Message Across Australia

It’s a similar message in road safety campaigns across Australia, with every state emphasising the dangers of speeding:

  • South Australia: The Crash puzzle campaign’s key message is “When we all slow down, so will our road toll”
  • Western Australia: In WA, the Slow down and enjoy the ride campaign carries a positive message that taking a slower approach to lifestyle is more enjoyable, and better for you in the long run
  • Tasmania: The Safer Rural Roads campaign highlights the dangers of speeding on non-urban roads, where 40 per cent of the state’s serious casualty crashes occur
  • ACT: The Speed (50kmh) campaign reminds drivers to slow down in residential streets and to obey the 50 km/h default speed
  • NT: In the Northern Territory, the Check your speedo campaign targets the reduction of low-level speed-related crashes by encouraging people to check their speedometres regularly.

The Importance of Ongoing Road Safety Campaigns

Educating drivers on the dangers of speeding is a key component of road safety campaigns across the world. There is no room for complacency here as there is a direct link between speeding and road fatalities.

Ongoing road safety campaigns are vital to ensure that our roads are safer for everyone.

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