How to Stay Safe Lane Filtering on a Motorcycle in NSW

Motorcycle lane filtering is now legal in NSW allowing fully-licensed motorcycle riders to travel past stopped or slow-moving vehicles at a speed of 30 kilometre per hour or less when it is safe to do so.

But motorcyclists are not allowed to lane filter past the left of cars along kerbside lanes, in breakdown lanes, in school zones and next to parked cars. Learner and Provisional licensed drivers are not allowed to lane filter.

A new offence has been created called lane splitting for when motorcycle riders don’t follow the lane filtering laws leading to heavy fines and loss of demerit points.

The laws changed on 1 July 2014 with the commencement of the Road Transport Legislation Amendment (Lane Use by Motor Bikes) Regulation 2014 which amended the Road Rules 2008.

Tips for Safe Motorcycle Lane Filtering

Here are some tips to stay safe and follow the road rules when you’re lane filtering on a motorbike in NSW:

Safety first: Only lane filter when it is safe to do so for yourself and other road users.

Keep your speed under 30KM/H: It’s dangerous to lane filter at high speed. NSW laws make it illegal to lane split at speeds above 30KM/H.

Stopped or slow-moving traffic: Only lane filter when it is safe to do so in stopped or slow-moving traffic.

Avoid banned places for lane filtering: It’s illegal for motorcyclists to lane filter in the these places:

  • school zones
  • next to parked cars
  • kerbside lanes
  • breakdown lanes.

Fully-licensed riders only: Only fully-licensed motorcycle riders allowed to lane filter in NSW. Inexperienced Learner and Provisional are not allowed to lane filter.

Avoid trucks and buses: Avoid lane filtering around large vehicles like trucks and buses.

Watch out for pedestrians and cyclists: Always watch out for pedestrians and cyclists while lane filtering.

Use your common sense: Obey all other road rules while lane filtering and use your common sense to only lane filter in situations when it is safe to do so for yourself and other road users.


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