Motor accident compensation and the road to recovery

Car accidents can be traumatic events and if you’ve been injured in one, seeking motor accident compensation early can help take the financial stress out of the situation.

Talk to a lawyer early

Speaking to an experienced personal injury lawyer early after an accident means getting the right advice on how to make a claim for motor accident compensation to help you on your way to recovery. Compensation claims can be complex and an experienced lawyer can assist you to get the maximum amount you’re entitled to for your injuries.

Early compensation is possible

Before making a formal claim for motor accident compensation, you can also submit a claim for your initial expenses to cover medical bills and loss of income. Anyone injured in a car accident can submit a claim for up to $5,000 by lodging an accident notification form regardless of who was at fault for the crash.

The clock is ticking

One thing to know about motor accident compensation is that there are strict time limits that you have to meet along the way to making an accident injury claim:

  • You have 28 days to notify the police after the car accident.
  • The deadline to lodge a motor accident compensation claim is six months after the accident.

If you miss the deadline a late claim may still be possible but you’ll need to have a very good reason. Speaking to an experienced personal injury lawyer early on could minimise the risk of missing an important deadline.

Types of motor accident compensation

When it comes to making a formal claim for motor accident compensation, there are a number of different categories for compensation including both economic and non-economic loss.

Economic loss includes your losses if you’re no longer able to work and earn an income for a period of time or indefinitely. Economic loss also includes medical and hospital bills, the cost of ongoing treatment and care, as well as any other reasonable expenses due to your injuries.

Non-economic loss is also available for people who have sustained pain and suffering from permanent injuries after an accident that are categorised as a ‘whole-person permanent impairment’ of more than 10 per cent. These injuries can be physical, psychological or both.

What information will you need for the claim?

You’ll need to gather a lot of information before making your accident injury claim. The required information includes basics about the accident, such as when and where it happened, who was involved and their contact details, and the details of the motor vehicles including their number plates, make and models.

Other details you’ll need include are of your hospital and medical visits, lost earnings due to the accident and any other out of pocket expenses. An experienced lawyer will be able to advise you on the full list of information required to help make a successful motor accident compensation claim.

Changes to CTP insurance are coming soon

The NSW government has introduced changes to the way compulsory third party (CTP) insurance accident injury claims work in the state. The changes are expected to commence at the latter part of this year. An experienced motor accident compensation lawyer will be able to advise you about the new laws and help you make the best possible claim.

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