How Long Does it Take for Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Claims?

For most people a car accident does not end once you have it. Often the mental & physical problems that arise after a car accident can go on for years. Even worse, they may never end. Car accidents can, as we all know cause so much damage and trauma to your body, leaving you unable to work and unable to live the life you once knew. Getting back to your old self is impossible & you many people have to come to terms living a life with debilitating issues.

More often than not these motor vehicle accidents were not caused by you but someone else. And to make matter worse if your not at fault it’s your responsibility to jump through all those hoops and hurdles to get the compensation you so rightly deserve.

A lot of car accident victims don’t know this but you can claim for a whole lot of things as a result of this accident. This includes; economic loss ( not being able to work), medical fees, rehabilitation fees and domestic help ( in case your not able to perform those domestic duties you could before the accident). All of these can be claimed but it is not as easy as it looks or sounds and this is where our Compensation lawyers can help you throughout this process.

Timeline for Car Accident Compensation Claims

Anyone who has been injured in a motor vehicle accident ( whether a cyclist, motorbike, or pedestrian) can be entitled to make a compensation claim. But the important point to note here is that there is a definite time restriction here. You simply can’t forget about this and make the claim when it suits your time frame.

What you should be doing immediately after the accident (if you are able bodied enough) is to make a call or pay a visit to a compensation lawyer who can set out the roadmap for you to start the compensation process. You lawyer will clearly explain the time limits you have as these can vary depending on the type of claim. Was it a personal injury or was there a death involved? If you need an extension make sure you tell your lawyer and he will guide you through this process. But the overall important point to note here is the urgency factor. Simply put get in touch with some car accident compensation lawyers asap!

The Time Frame for a Motor Vehicle Compensation Claim

The industry standard in Sydney turnaround time for motor vehicle compensation claim is roughly 3 to 5 years depending on the claim. For those that have just had a car accident and are reading this, this may sound like a long time, especially if you are suffering financial difficulties because you can’t work due to the accident. It’s a real nightmare and we totally understand this. Our lawyers at NSW Compensation Lawyers are right behind you and will do absolutely everything possible to fast track your claim. The last thing we want is for you to be sitting at home with no money, no income and no compensation. Especially, if your not at fault!

In many cases we are able to reduce the waiting period for a claim by half and in some cases claims were processed within 18 months. We are considerably fast and often much quicker than the industry standard. That’s how good we are.

Why Do Car Accident Claims Take So Long?

12 to 18 months is still for most people a really long time to wait. You need money to live and you want it now. Waiting extensive periods is not on and can be frustrating.

However, there are really good reasons why you have to wait so long and they are all there to benefit you.

Essentially, you are only permitted to make 1 claim so as a victim of a car accident you want to be sure that you have collated all the information and taking the correct steps involved in the compensation process. Rushing this might mean you miss out on receiving the maximum compensation you can get. You also want to be completely reimbursed for ALL your expenses and not the ones that immediately come to mind.

Also, and this is a really important point. Many physical injuries incurred I a car accident will take time to settle. Some may unfortunately get worse so you have to give theses injuries time to develop to see how bad they actually get. If they get worse you may be entitled to more compensation. This is why you need to wait. Time in this instance works in your favour.

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How to have the Best Chance of Success for your Car Accident Claim

Over the past decade we have heard and seen the results of some horrific car accidents and what toll they can leave on people. Some people have come to us after they have made an unsuccessful claim because they have made some errors or mistakes with their claim. A real pity because the injuries they sustained were terrible. This didn’t matter as the claim was wrong and rejected!

To prevent such errors from occurring, you must ensure you lodge your first claim form with the compulsory third party insurer within 6 months of the accident. This may sound trivial but there are people who do not understand this and will only learn about this fact after it’s too late to do anything.

Secondly, we can’t stress this importance of this enough, speak with a road accident or car accident lawyer as soon as you can. Don’t think you can delay this and it will be OK. You have to be proactive here and take the first steps. Waiting in this case is not the answer. If you do it alone and decide to make the claim yourself then the insurance investigator looking into your claim may ask you questions that could put  you in hot water or making you answer questions in a certain way that will work against you. BE REALLY CAREFUL about this as these guys are trained to do this and are working for the insurance agency. They are not on your side and their job is to get as smaller claim for your as possible.

A trained compensation lawyer knows all these tricks and can be with you when you are talking to the investigator. This way you have someone who is very experienced in these matters on your side. Some investigators may smell a weakness with you an offer you say $30,000. You may jump at this and think that this is great. However, your lawyer may be able to get you 4 or 5 times as much compensation. This is why you need them.

Plus most lawyers work on a No Win No Fee Basis so you really have nothing to loose and all to gain.

This is why it is so important to engage road accident lawyers like NSW Compensation Lawyers as soon as you can. Although the length of a motor vehicle compensation claim may seem scary, you’ll get the best result and your life back on track sooner. This is what we do best and this is what we are here for.

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