Have you been injured working from home?

So many people are working from home. Flexible workplace arrangements with companies & small businesses has seen a massive rise in employees working from their home. With faster internet speeds this is all possible and it’s becoming more and more common.

But, what happens if your working from home and you suffer an injury? Are you able to still claim compensation from your employer?

What happens if I’m injured working from home?

If you are working from home for your company & you have sustained an injury then the likelihood of the success of your claim will depend on whether the injury was sustained during the course of your work. If for example you were going to make yourself a coffee while performing your job at home and you fell down stairs this may be deemed as a taking a break and you might be entitled to some form of compensation.

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What is the responsibility of my employer if I am working from home?

The Workplace Health and Safety Act of 1995 clearly states that all employees working from home will still be covered for workers compensation if they sustain any type of injury during the course of carrying out their work.

Employers must make sure that they take the necessary steps to ensure that the employee is safe whilst working from home and that their work environment at home meets with all workplace health & safety requirements. An employer should inspect the place where the employee will be working and the employee must point out any safety concerns or risks they may have. While all this may sound over the top and far too over cautious, this is now required.

On top of this an employee must make sure that their work area is safe and that they designate a specific work space where other family members are not allowed to enter during those work hours.

Can freelances claim workers compensation if they are injured at home?

All freelancers & contractors are not covered by the employers workers compensation. They must have their own insurance policy if they want to make a claim about an injury sustained while working from home.

If your working from home and you feel that you have sustained an injury while performing your job, make sure you speak to one of our expert lawyers here at NSW Compensation Lawyers.

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