Driveway Safety – Keeping Our Kids Safe

We hear too many reports of children run over in the driveway of their family’s home. Tragically, around 50 children, are run over each year.

Here are some driveway safety tips to help keep your children safe:

  • Check for Children: Before you start your car, it only takes a few moments to check around and under your car to make sure that no child is at risk.
  • Supervision: Always supervise children around cars – be sure to hold their hands and keep them close to you at all times.
  • Limit Access: Keep children away from your driveway and cars – encourage play in other areas of your house, away from the risk.
  • Use Barriers: Use barriers like child-proof doors, fences and gates to keep children safely away from your driveway.

Watch Scott Cam in this driveway safety message from the NSW government.


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