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Driving gives us the freedom to enjoy family life to the full. From taking the kids to school to running errands and going on road trips, a large part of our family life can be spent in the car. All that time on the road together makes drive safety vitally important.

How to drive safely is something that always changes, as innovation in road travel occurs. We turned to experts in road travel to get their best and most current safety tips, to help you and your family drive safe and enjoy life on the road.

Britz Campervans

Britz offers independent self-drive campervan experiences for travellers and families who want to explore Australia and New Zealand at their own pace.

Drive safe by: Taking your time when travelling by campervan.

‘Rest before you set out in your campervan, and allow plenty of time to reach each destination on your journey,’ says Britz Campervans. ‘This will make your trip safer, and has the added advantage of giving you the freedom to stop and take in beautiful surroundings that you might otherwise have missed.’

For extra road safety: Make sure your vehicle has all the correct safety equipment on board. ‘All of our 3+ berth campervans include seatbelts for the driver and all passengers, and an in-vehicle tablet to assist with safe navigation and monitoring of speed limits,’ Britz says. ‘Many also feature reversing cameras for safer manoeuvring.’


DriveMyCar is one of Australia’s largest peer-to-peer car rental platforms, with a wide range of private and corporate fleet cars available to rent at over 300 locations. Insurance cover and 24/7 roadside assistance are also included.

Drive safe by: Making sure your car is fully serviced.

‘Depending on the age of your car, a full service should be done every six months,’ says DriveMyCar. ‘It should only cost around $140 at your local garage and will ensure you don’t experience any unwanted surprises on the road.’ All vehicles available through DriveMyCar are fully serviced.

For extra road safety:
Make yourself aware of the rules around car seats. The experts at DriveMyCar remind you that children under a certain height and aged up to seven need to be in a booster seat, and there are restrictions on children sitting in the front seat.

Dash Cams Australia

Dash Cams Australia is a specialist supplier of dash cameras. All products are rigorously tested to make sure they are suitable for the Australian climate. Over the years, the company has continued to exclusively sell dash cams, thereby allowing them to focus and specialise exclusively in the latest technology.

Drive safe by: Installing a dash cam to deter dangerous behaviour in other drivers.

Most people are on their best behaviour when they know they’re being recorded. Dash Cams Australia believes that the widespread use of dash cameras will help deter ‘hoon’ and negligent driving. ‘If dangerous drivers know numerous drivers are recording them, they will ultimately think twice about reckless road behaviour – in the same way that red light cameras and speed cameras deter dangerous driving.’

For extra safety:
Choose a quality model that is resistant to high temperatures and can record fine details such as license plates, even in low light. Should any incident occur this information could come in handy as evidence when you’re not at fault.

Travellers Autobarn

Operating from six different locations around Australia, Travellers Autobarn is a well-established vehicle hire company specialising in campervans. It offers budget self-drive trips in Australia and New Zealand.

Drive safe by: Taking regular breaks so that everyone avoids fatigue – not just the driver.

Regular breaks are not only good for the driver, but the whole family. ‘Tired children can easily become restless and distract the driver,’ says Travellers Autobarn. ‘Keep everyone well fed and hydrated, and let the kids play and stretch their legs when you stop.’

For extra road safety: ‘There’s nothing more important on the road than ensuring everyone is properly secured,’ says Travellers Autobarn. ‘If you’re heading out with children, it’s essential to make sure the vehicle you hire is new enough to have the correct anchor points for child booster seats or baby capsules – some older models don’t have these. Our Hi5 Campervan is an ideal family-friendly vehicle, which sleeps a family of five and includes all the equipment you’ll need for a comfortable trip.’


Thule provides safe transport solutions for all the outdoor gear you and your family will need to enjoy an active holiday. From roof racks and bike carriers to child bike seats and more, Thule has an expansive range to keep you happy on holidays.

Drive safe by: Ensuring items in the car are securely stored

It’s vital to store items safely in the car when you’re travelling because anything moving or rattling can distract the driver. ‘Heavy items should be stored low in the seat wells so they won’t become projectiles during a sudden stop,’ says Thule. ‘If suitcases or strollers have to be stored in open cargo areas, they should be battened down.’
Thule says it designs its cargo carriers to carry gear in the car as safely as possible – carriers undergo rigorous safety tests simulating crashes, extreme weather conditions and wear and tear.

For added road safety: Make sure nothing is obscuring the driver’s vision, particularly through the rear windscreen, where many travellers tend to pile items. Thule says that when a driver’s vision is obscured, they are not only blind to potential hazards but they also tend to misjudge speed and distance.


Camplify offers an alternative to the traditional campervan hire business. Instead Australian RV holidaymakers can borrow from owners looking to hire them out when not in use. It’s a share-community for caravans, campervans, motorhomes and camper trailers.

Drive safe by: Slowing down if you’re towing a caravan, especially if it’s your first time.

‘If drivers behind you get frustrated, keep left or pull over to let them pass,’ says Camplify. ‘Don’t risk travelling at an unsafe speed just because somebody behind you is impatient.’

For extra safety: Make sure your vehicle is suitable for towing the van you’re hiring. Camplify experts say that you can save time and money by fitting an electric brake control unit to your trailer, instead of modifying your car.

Airbag Man

Airbag Man designs and manufactures airbags and air suspension systems. The company supplies cost-effective airbag products to suit hundreds of vehicle types. Airbag Man has revolutionised the vehicle suspension industry allowing vehicles to carry load and tow more safely.

Drive safe by: Positioning your load correctly on your vehicle and stay within your GVM (gross vehicle mass).

It’s also vital that you tailor your driving to suit the conditions, such as different types of roads, weather, and carrying passengers, says Airbag Man. If you’re unsure how to tow safely, seek expert advice before hitting the road.

For extra safety: Consider an air suspension system. ‘It can make your vehicle safer by improving braking, steering and handling, and reducing body sway, making your vehicle more stable,’ says Airbag Man. ‘It also reduces maintenance costs by increasing the lifespan of your existing suspension and reducing tyre wear.’

These tips are just a start when it comes to keeping your family safe on the road. By following them, you’re well on your way to safer driving experiences while making lasting memories with your family in the car.

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