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Top 6 types of work related injuries

Do you feel as though you have been injured in the workplace? If you have suffered an injury in the workplace you may not know this but you might be entitled to claim workers’ compensation. You would be surprised how … Continued

Are there limits on workers compensation payouts?

If you’ve been injured at your job and are unable to work, you may be wondering how much workers compensation you can receive. Work injuries can be both physical and psychological. These injuries can include body stress, back injuries, falls, … Continued

Can you get worker’s compensation for skin cancer?

Exposure to the sun’s UV radiation is a well-known occupational health risk. Workers who develop skin cancer as a result of the nature of their jobs, may be entitled to worker’s compensation. Australia has one of the highest rates of … Continued

How do I make a workplace injury report?

If you get injured at work, you may be able to seek compensation. Work injuries can include physical and psychological injuries. Whatever your injury is, you’ll first need to notify your employer that you’ve been hurt. How do you do … Continued

When can I make a workers compensation stress claim?

It may be possible to make a successful workers compensation stress claim if you’ve suffered from psychological injuries while at work. A stressful workplace can be a nightmare to navigate, whether it’s the result of bullying, sexual harassment, exposure to … Continued