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Have you been injured at work? Have you had a car accident or slipped in a supermarket? Have you been bullied at work or have you hurt yourself in a factory accident? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you might be entitled to workers compensation.

The amount you receive will be based not only on your claim but the type of compensation lawyer you decide to go with. Having said that, how do you find the best compensation lawyers in Sydney? You need a lawyer who has had vast previous experience in handling all types of compensation claims and one who you feel totally comfortable with. There are many compensation lawyers that you can easily find online. All you need to do is Google the words ‘compensation lawyers and you will find hundreds of them. But the difficult part is working out which are the best compensation lawyers.

Following are some tips to help you find the best compensation lawyers in Sydney.

1) It’s best to go with a law firm that is easy to get to. You will have to meet with your lawyer a few times during the matter, so convenience is key here. Make sure they have an office in Sydney. Travelling for you, especially if you have sustained an injury may be difficult, so ideally you want to be able to get to them easily.

2) They should be able to demonstrate and show you past similar cases they have dealt with and the outcomes. This will give you an idea of what your chances are of winning the case and what type of compensation your likely to receive.

3) You will find that there are some law firms that take a ‘cookie cutter’ style approach to all compensation claims. There are some seriously large multi national companies out there who advertise on the radio and TV all wanting your business. Your claim will be treated and handled in a production line style with little or no empathy towards you or the horrible time you are probably going through. You don’t want to be using a legal firm like this. Like everyone, you want the personal touch that only a boutique law firm can provide. You want to be dealing with a smaller firm, one that can give you they type of attention and care you deserve. This is what sets NSW Compensation lawyers apart from the big boys. They’re small enough to give you that good old-fashioned customer service while still being able to provide top quality legal advice and council. This type of approach will alleviate a lot of stress associated with dealing with larger firms.

4) There are many different types of compensation claims. For example there are: car & motor bike accident claims, work injury claims, product & public liability claims, construction accident claims, medical negligence claims, factory accident claims as well as psychological injury claims that can arise from car accidents or workplace bullying. The laws pertaining to each of these individual claims can vary widely. Injury claims can be complex and the laws in NSW are forever changing, so you need to make sure that the lawyer you engage is up to date with these changes. You need to work with a law firm that can demonstrate their proficient ability in all these areas of law. This will give you the best chance of winning and more importantly, the most money.

5) It’s best to go with a law firm that can offer you a ‘no win – no fee’ basis. This is ideal, as you won’t have to pay any monies upfront, only when you win. You will never have any out of pocket expenses, which can deter many people from pursuing a compensation claim.

6) Most reputable law firms will have a website and will also have Google reviews. Make sure you check both of these out before making your decision. Obviously, take negative reviews with a grain of salt, as in many cases they can be false. If your happy with the website and are satisfied that the reviews are good, then make an appointment to visit them.

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