5 Steps to Take if You’ve Been Injured at Work

Injured at work? Read this!

You can easily be injured at work. Work place injuries are common and happen all the time. It’s an unfortunate part of the workplace as they can be at times very dangerous. Factory, warehouse, office, building sites, any workplace and trades injuries happen on a daily basis in NSW and if you have been injured recently you need to know what the next steps are in order to start a workers’ compensation claim.

It’s vital that all employees immediately seek the help of a workers’ compensation lawyer so that you can seek help to get the necessary compensation for your lost wages (you might not be able to work) and all medical expenses incurred while you have been unable to work due to your injury.

So the team at NSW Compensation Lawyers have compiled a quick list of your next steps if you or a family member has been injured at work in NSW, Australia.

Step 1: It’s important to Report your injury ASAP

It is vital that all workers report their injury to their employer as soon as it happens. Don’t go home and wait a few days in the hope it gets better as many insurance companies will try to use this delay as a way to avoid paying any compensation. Being prompt is the key here. If your on a building site or working remotely make sure you phone in and report the injury. If you can, get someone to take a photo of it on your phone as a record. Never ever wait a few days. If your too scared to report this to your employer because your afraid of loosing your job, don’t be as your protected by unfair dismissal laws in NSW.

Step 2: Inform your doctor that the injury is work related

As soon as you sustain the injury it’s very important (after you tell your employer) that you go to your local doctor for a medical examination. You have to also tell your doctor that the injury was work related and he has to take notes related to this injury. You need to keep these notes for future reference. All subsequent visits to the doctor must also be noted and careful notes must be taken. If notes are not taken this may hinder your future workers compensation claim entitlements.

Step 3. Make sure you give a written notice to your employer

Be sure to put this injury in writing & give it to your employer stating the nature of the injury, when it happened and how it happened. If you need to take time off work then let them know this immediately.

Step 4.  Make sure you keep an accurate diary of all missed days of work, all travel expenses, all medical bills and all expenses incurred by you

In order to get the your rightful entitlements the insurance companies are going to want to know all the expenses you have incurred, including all your medical bills (however small) as well as all travel expenses. If you are in country NSW and need to come to Sydney for treatment you can claim this as well as all your accommodation expenses. So keep this in mind. Keep all paper work filed neatly so you compensation lawyer has this at his finger tips.

Step 5: Lastly, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer for help

For most people navigating their way through the difficult workers’ compensation process will be a nightmare. Almost impossible! This is why you need to speak to a workers compensation lawyer as soon as possible. Don’t delay wit this part as they will guide your through the steps necessary to get your claim through the courts. If you leave it too long or too late you may end up potentially damaging your claim and the amount of money your likely to receive. If your scared that this will be too expensive and there’s no way you can afford this, then make sure you find a lawyer that works on a No Win, No Fee Basis, like the team at NSW Compensation lawyers. There are absolutely no upfront fees or out of pocket expenses, so there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t contact them.

These 5 steps are crucial in the process or getting compensation for your injury at work. If you still have question why not call Vic and his team of workers compensation injury lawyers today on (02) 9601 0088. They will make the whole process so easy for you & at the same time, take as much of the stress your probably going through away.

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