10 year driver licence now available

If you are a car driver or a motorcyclist with an unrestricted licence you can now apply for a 10 year licence when it’s renewal time, provided that you are aged between 21 and 44.

The 10 year driver licence has been available since 16 March 2015.

You may also be eligible for a 50% discount on your licence renewal fee if you have a good driving record provided that:

  • you renew your licence within six months of the expiry date (if you renew more than six months after expiry then the full fee will apply)
  • you hold an unrestricted NSW licence (excluding overseas, interstate, L and P licences)
  • you must have held the NSW licence continuously for five years
  • you have not committed driving offences in the previous five years including loss of demerit points, unlicensed driving or other major offence.

You can find out more about the 10 year licence here.

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