10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing your Compensation Lawyer

Choosing the best drug defence Sydney lawyer for your accident is going to be a critical decision. Why? Because teaming up with the wrong compensation lawyer will result in you not getting the maximum compensation you maybe entitled to. Choosing the right compensation lawyer is not as easy as it would seem as there are many lawyers out there all looking for your business. You need to choose wisely and the following 10 questions will help guide you to make the right decision when the time comes

1.You know the facts of my case, do I have a reasonable compensation claim?

All lawyers must know all the facts of their client’s case and whether the client has grounds for a compensation claim. It’s vital that this question is answered so your not wasting time and energy pursuing this.

2.Are you an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law?

It’s a very good idea to only hire lawyers who lawyers who have been approved by the Law Society of NSW as an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury law. This prestigious accreditation is given to those lawyers who have shown that they are experienced in the area of Personal Injury Law. If your lawyer is accredited then it’s a good sign

3.What area of compensation law do you specialise in?

Compensation law covers many areas and there are many different types of claims that can be made. These types of claims include: workers compensation, vehicle accident claims, medical negligence claims, public liability claims, bike accident claims. The list goes on and on. Each individual compensation claim is unique so ideally you want to choose a lawyer that has expertise in the area your making a claim. This will give you the best chance of getting the most money for your claim.

4.Can you clearly explain to me how the compensation claims process works?

 The compensation claims process can sometimes be quite lengthy and difficult to understand, so it’s important that the lawyer your intending to hire walks you through the whole process on your initial discussion and talks you through the pathway ahead. Difficult as it may be they should clearly articulate to you what your responsibilities are and the likely outcome of your compensation claim.

5.What is my chance at a successful compensation claim outcome?

After going over your case with you over the phone initially, any decent lawyer will be able to give you a clearer idea the type of compensation outcome your likely to get. While all lawyers know that they cannot guarantee the outcome they should be able to ( based on their past experience) give you a really good indication of whether or not your case should be pursued. They will also tell you the next steps involved. This is a really important question so make sure you understand the answer fully. If you feel as though the lawyer has not answered this to your liking then it’s a good idea to get a second opinion.

While a lawyer cannot guarantee a certain outcome, their advice can be a good indication as to whether your case is worth pursuing and can help prepare you for what needs to be done next.

6.What am I going to receive compensation for?

A worthwhile compensation lawyer should be able to give you an exact indication of what your entitled to. Whether it’s compensation for your medical expenses, lost income, compensation for your injuries or help at home, your lawyer should have these answers at his fingertips.

7.How long is the whole compensation claim process?

 You should know how long this is likely to take so you can prepare yourself for the road ahead. All claims are different, but any expert compensation lawyer will know the timeframes based on previous cases they have handles.

8.What will you require from me?

 Your compensation lawyer will be able to tell you exactly what they require from you and the steps you need to take to get this information and all the necessary documents. These will include all medical records associated with the claim, police records if required as well as any other miscellaneous documents. If you feel as though you don’t have enough evidence to support your claim your lawyer must be able to help you gather more information to bolster up & support your claim. The more you have the better the likely outcome.

9.What’s the level of communication during the compensation claims process?

All good lawyers should be communicating with your throughout all stages of the claim. They should also be willing to take any calls from you and answer any questions you may have. Make sure you emphasise this point of ‘communication’ as you do not want to be left in the dark wondering what’s happening with your claim month after month.

10.What are your legal fees and how are they to be paid?

 You need to know what your going to be paying for. In most cases in NSW compensation lawyers work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis so you should clearly understand what percentage you have to pay once your claim is successful.. This means that you will not have to part with any money at all unless you win the case.

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