Can you sue a dentist for medical negligence?

If you have been injured after seeing a dentist, you may wonder if you can sue for medical negligence. The short answer is yes. When we visit a dentist, we expect to receive the best possible care. And while that … Continued

Can I make a TPD claim for mental illness?

Many superannuation policies allow workers to make a total and permanent disability (TPD) claim if they are unable to return to work due to a serious ongoing injury or illness. Compensation will usually take the form of a lump sum … Continued

How do I make a workplace injury report?

If you get injured at work, you may be able to seek compensation. Work injuries can include physical and psychological injuries. Whatever your injury is, you’ll first need to notify your employer that you’ve been hurt. How do you do … Continued

What should you do if you have a car accident?

Thankfully, getting into a car accident isn’t something that happens regularly for most people. And when it does happen, your immediate response could be shock, anger, confusion or a mix of all three. It’s not always easy to think straight … Continued

Who am I really suing with my car accident claim?

You’ve had a car accident, and you were in no way at fault. Any injuries incurred have been attended to and, if you’re going to be out of pocket, you’ve probably already been in touch with your insurer about claiming … Continued

Driving lessons and road safety tips for teen driving

As a parent, it can be daunting when your teenager starts learning to drive. You want to make sure they become safe and responsible drivers, especially since it’s important to develop safe driving habits when first learning. Here we provide … Continued

An animal wanders onto the road. What happens next?

Animals on the road are a common cause of car accidents, especially when the driver swerves to avoid hitting one. It’s a natural reaction, but a sudden swerve can result in a collision with another car, a telegraph pole or … Continued