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Personal injury lawyers, also known as compensation lawyers represent persons who have suffered an injury and are seeking some sort of compensation via legal recourse. Compensation accidents most often occur at the workplace resulting in severe but temporary, on going, or even permanent injuries. Workplace injuries can be life changing. As a result it is very important to discuss what your options are and how to claim compensation. Selecting Sydney compensation solicitors who will be the best legal counsels for your case requires some thoughtful consideration.

If you are requesting assistance or guidance for yourself, family or for a friend who has been severely injured in an accident within Australia, call NSW Compensation Lawyers at 02 9601 0088 to discuss your accident and injuries or fill out our online form. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

As one of NSW’s most respected and experienced compensation law firms, NSW Compensation Lawyers dutifully represent those who are suffering as the result of an unexpected event involving a motor vehicle, motorcycle, work-related event or an incident in a public place.

Why NSW Compensation Lawyers? 

NSW Compensation Lawyers are the premier compensation law firm for all of New South Wales. With a 99% win record, we strive to get the best outcome for out clients. Why is our record so strong? It’s simple.

1)  NSW Compensation Lawyers has a commitment to listen. Once we understand your case, we move.

2)  NSW Compensation Lawyers maintain a 100% ’No Win No Charge*’ policy. We only get paid if we are able to succeed and win your case.

3)  NSW Compensation Lawyers promises to reduce your risk. There are never any upfront costs or fees. Reduce your risk by recruiting our team to handle your case.


How To Claim Compensation

Every state and Territory of Australia has different laws and regulations in which a person can claim compensation. Since generally a person has three years from the date of injury to claim compensation, it is important to call us as soon as possible so we can protect your rights! In addition, because the laws regarding personal injury and settlements vary from state-to-state, be sure that the compensation lawyers you select are knowledgeable with the current laws that pertain not only to where the accident occurred, but also to where your legal claim will be pursued. For instance, if a personal injury occurred in Sydney, it is wise to search for New South Wales, Sydney compensation lawyers rather than compensation solicitors in Victoria or Queensland!

Every personal injury case is important and should be handled by a firm that can be relied on to win the case. When we take a case at NSW Compensation Lawyers, it is because we feel we can successfully win the compensation claim you deserve. We keep the client’s best interest in the forefront during the entire case.

All too often, clients become over whelmed by the complicated process and the jargon associated with legal proceedings. The team of compensation lawyers at NSW Compensation Lawyers provides the professional expertise to manoeuver through the complicated legal requirements required to bring a case to court. Our personal injury lawyers will fight for the maximum amount of compensation you deserve for your injuries in addition to any other damages you may be entitled to.

We endeavour to provide accessible and understandable legal information without too much of that legal vocabulary. Our Sydney compensation solicitors will clearly explain all aspects of your case. You will find them willing to answer in a clear, simple manner any questions you may have. Be assured, our legal team will always keep you informed of the general legal process, as well as how your case is proceeding.

NSW Compensation Lawyers wants you to feel confident with your compensation lawyers, thus offering a peace of mind we feel is so very critical in the litigation process. Our responsibility is methodically to collect evidence and present your case so the result is a positive verdict with the appropriate compensation award. The Sydney compensation solicitors at NSW Compensation Lawyers have litigated all types of personal injury lawsuits including:

•          workers compensation
•          personal injury
•          motor vehicle | car accident
•          medical negligence
•          asbestos
•          motorcycle accident
•          public liability


Regarding Fees for Compensation Lawyers

Most compensation lawyers in Sydney work on a contingency basis. You will see the term: “No Win No Fee.”  It is a commonly used in this field of Personal Injury law.  Compensation lawyers, who use this term, do not charge a fee for their services until the personal injury case is settled. The contingency-based fees are based on a certain percentage of the client’s settlement.  In other words, the solicitor will extract his or her costs from the final payout that the claimant is awarded. Before making a final decision regarding whom you want to represent you and your case, discuss the percentage rate. Some lawyers are willing to re-negotiate their percentage fee. You can always ask.

Should Reviews of Compensation Lawyers Make a Difference?

It is also smart to ask friends and other family members for their recommendations for a quality compensation lawyer.  However, the Internet makes finding reviews of most personal injury lawyers and solicitors quite easy.

Once you have decided upon several firms, it’s time to schedule a free consultation. If the lawyers tell you that they charge a fee for the initial consultation, it is advisable to cross them off your list.  During your FREE consultation at the law offices of NSW Compensation Lawyers, one of our professionals will first assess whether you have a genuine case. Many lawyers may also give an estimate as to how much your case is worth. By asking questions you will get a feel of how you respond to the lawyer’s answers. It is important that you feel comfortable and have confidence in their expertise.  Both you and your Sydney compensation lawyer need to be on the same page with the same goals.

NSW Compensation Lawyers are experts in compensation law in Sydney, Australia. Call us at: 02 9601 0088 to discuss your case.

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