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If you have sustained an injury at work, been involved in a motor vehicle accident, or have sustained injury or consequent illness or disability, you may be able to access a lump sum payment of compensation through your superannuation policy. Many people pay little attention to the terms and conditions contained within their superannuation policy. Some are unsure as to whether or not it exists and many people are unaware that their superannuation policy often provides additional benefits.

At NSW Compensation Lawyers, our experienced personal injury lawyers will assist you in identifying whether or not such benefits are available to you. We will assess your claim, and provide sound and precise advice in relation to your entitlements. Our experienced personal injury lawyers and insurance lawyers will assist you in identifying grounds upon which you are able to make a Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) claim and make an application on your behalf.

Superannuation companies often reject TPD applicants without providing proper reason. At NSW Compensation Lawyers, we ensure that your application is properly prepared and that you receive maximum compensation with the assistance of our expert personal injury lawyers. Each of our lawyers are solicitors admitted to practice in the state of New South Wales and are experts in their field. Our personal injury team can also help you with making a claim on the life insurance policy of a family member, your income protection policy, your sickness and accident insurance and depending on the nature of your employment, Top-Up cover that is available to you.


What should I do?

Do not delay – contact us at NSW Compensation Lawyers. Our team of experienced professionals can assist and advise you as well as protect your rights to ensure you are awarded the maximum entitlements owing to you when making a Total Permanent Disability claim. Superannuation companies will never recommend that an injured person obtain legal advice from an expert, or from anyone. You should not delay. You should contact NSW Compensation Lawyers prior to attending any medical appointments, or submitting any documentation to the superannuation company.


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