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A medical law claim occurs when a medical practitioner or a medical facility fails to diagnose and properly treat a condition or give proper warning of the risks of any treatment or operation that causes or aggravates any injury or causes death. Medical law related cases can include, but are not limited to:
•    failure or delay in the diagnosis and/or treatment of the disease process
•    a surgical or anaesthesia related incident during an operative procedure
•    failure to properly inform patients of potential risks or side effects and obtain their consent
•    defective or poorly tested medical or assistive devices, implants or prosthetics
•    obstetric or paediatric issues
•    use of dangerous or ill-prescribed medication
•    wrongful death.

Medical law cases are by their very nature complex, difficult to prove, expensive to pursue, have a high rate of non-recovery and can lead to litigation. Our medical negligence lawyers will quickly and efficiently determine whether you have a valid claim. We will obtain a detailed medical history including the names of attending physicians, other health care providers and hospitals/facilities that provided treatment. In medical negligence cases it is valuable for clients to maintain records including dates, names of doctors, nurses and other treatment providers, symptoms, conversations with providers and the nature of any treatment received. We will retain medical experts in order to receive a qualified opinion as to whether the appropriate standard of care was administered.

NSW Compensation Lawyers represents clients in medical Law claims involving the following:
•    surgical errors
•    birth injuries
•    misdiagnoses
•    heart attack
•    medication error
•    failure to diagnose
•    cancer
•    stroke
•    meningitis
•    epileptic seizure
•    radiological error
•    emergency room error
•    pharmacy error
•    disfigurement.

What constitutes medical law?

Treatment providers are expected to follow standard treatment protocols in their diagnoses and treatment. In the face of certain symptoms or pathologies, physicians should conduct certain diagnostic tests or administer specific treatment. A failure to follow standard treatment protocols in the presence of telltale signs of illness or disease can result in liability for injuries or fatalities that occur as a result.

At NSW Compensation lawyers our medical law specialists work with medical experts in reviewing medical charts, actions of hospital staff and medication regimes in order to identify negligence on the part of health care provider. We look at timelines in order to identify when tests should have been run and when treatment should have been initiated.

If you believe you have been a victim of medical practice, contact NSW Compensation Lawyers today. Since hospital staff can be reassigned and important evidence discarded, it is essential that the investigative process begins as soon as possible. We have the legal experience, tools and resources necessary to hold health care providers liable for injuries they cause.

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